The governing body has a general responsibility for seeing that the school is run effectively so that it provides the best possible education for its pupils.  This has to be done within the framework set by legislation and the policies of the Local Education Authority.

Governors are not expected to take detailed decisions about the day-to-day management of the school.  That is the job of the headteacher.  A good headteacher will discuss all the main aspects of school life with the governing body and expect them to offer general guidance and challenge.

Governing Bodies include:

  • Parent Governors
  • Staff Governors (including the Headteacher unless they choose not to be a governor)
  • Local Education Authority Governors
  • Co-opted Community Governors
  • Foundation Governors

Governing bodies vary in size from 9 to 22 people. Governing bodies may also have Associate Governors and may invite observers (with or without speaking rights) or co-opt non-governors onto committees (with voting rights)

The responsibilities of the governing body include:

  • Promoting high standards of education and achievement
  • Planning the school’s long-term future
  • Setting the school’s aims and values
  • Appointing senior staff including the Head Teacher
  • Budgetary allocation and control
  • Safeguarding

The full governing body meets every term. We always receive a report from the headteacher and discuss key issues arising from this. We have 3 committees, which also meet every half term. Our Finance and Personnel committee ensures that the resources we have are used in the most effective way. Our Standards committee ensures that the teaching and learning is of the highest standard possible. Our Safeguarding committee ensures that appropriate systems are in place to ensure all children, staff and visitors are safe. We also have Governors with specific responsibilities; this includes Health and Safety, Foundation Stage and Special Educational Needs and Disability

As well as the governing body meetings and committee meetings, we visit school to see and hear about the things we discuss in our meetings. We meet with staff to look at particular areas of work that is being carried out in the school. A small group of governors is also involved in the performance management of the headteacher, which further adds to our understanding of how the school is being managed.

Sharrow School’s governing body is currently (September 2020):

Role Name Term of Office Responsibility
Chair Co-opted Governor Emily Pickles 8.11.16 – 4.10.22 Chair of Governing body, Chair of Safeguarding Committee and member of Standards Committee
Headteacher Evelyn Abram Ex Officio
Co-opted Governor Miriam McAuley 22.09.16 – 4.10.22 Member of Standards Committee, Parent Council link governor, and
Early Years Link Governor
Parent Governor Jane McPhillips  1.09.17 – 31.08.21 Member of Safeguarding Committee
Parent Governor Megan Kime
 1.01.18 – 1.01.22
Member of Standards Committee and SEND Link Governor and Governor with responsibility for Governor Training
Staff Governor John Goodwin
1.09.18 – 1.09.22 Member of Standards Committee
Foundation Governor Ailsa Barr 1.06.16 – 14.10.22 Chair of Finance and Personnel
Foundation Governor Sally Green 31.08.19– 30.07.23 Vice chair, member of Finance and Personnel Committee
Co-opted Governor Lucinda Wakefield 1.06.16 – 14.10.22 Chair of Standard Committee, Parent Council link Governor
Co-opted Governor Angela Reading 8.11.16 – 14.10.22 Member of Finance and Personnel committee
LEA Governor Hannah Boneham Member of Finance and Personnel committee
Associate Governor Steven Edwards 9.11.06 – 8.11.18 Deputy Headteacher, member of Standards committee

Previous Governors

Alejandro Ferrando-GamirNov 2018 – July 2020
Kevin FletcherMarch 2015 – Aug 2019
Colin HavardSept 2015 – Aug 2019
Russell CuttsNov 2016 – Aug 2018
Tory HarleJuly 2014 – May 2016
Adam WhitworthFeb 2013 – July 2016
Dan SequerraNov 2012 – July 2016
Lee GordonSept 2016 – April 2017
Name Pecuniary / Business interests Other educational establishments where Governor/Trustee Relationships with school staff
Emily Pickles None Trustee of Sheaf Trust None
Evelyn Abram None Trustee of Sheaf Trust None
Miriam McAuley None None None
John Goodwin
None None None
Ailsa Barr None None None
Sally Green None None None
Lucinda Wakefield None None None
Angela Reading None None None
Hannah Boneham None None None
Steven Edwards None None None
Megan Kime
None None None
Jane McPhillips None None None

Attendance at Meetings

NameFull Governing Body:
Full Governing Body:
Standards Committee:
Standards Committee:
Emily PicklesX X 
Evelyn AbramX X 
Miriam McAuleyX X 
John GoodwinX X 
Ailsa BarrX N/AN/A
Sally GreenX N/AN/A 
Lucinda WakefieldX Apol 
Angela ReadingApol N/AN/A 
Jane McPhillipsApol N/AN/A
Megan KimeX X 
Hannah BonehamX N/AN/A 
 Finance and Personnel Committee
Finance and Personnel Committee
Finance and Personnel Committee
Emily PicklesXApol X
Evelyn AbramXXX
Ailsa BarrXXX
Sally GreenXXX
Angela ReadingXApol X
Hannah BonehamXXX
Jane McPhillips   

Last Years Attendance

 Full Governing Body: 25.09.19Full Governing Body: 13.11.19Full Governing Body: 20.05.20Full Governing Body: 24.06.20Standards Committee 20.11.19Standards Committee 29.01.20
Emily PicklesXXXXApol X
Evelyn AbramXXXXXX
Miriam McAuleyXXXXXX
Ailsa BarrXXXXN/AN/A
Sally GreenXXXXN/AN/A
Lucinda WakefieldXXXXXApol 
Angela ReadingApol XXXN/AN/A
Jane McPhillipsXXXXN/AN/A
Megan KimeXXXXXX
Hannah BonehamApol XApol XN/AN/A
Alejandro Ferrando-GemirXXApol Apol N/AN/A
John GoodwinXXXXXApol 
 Finance and Personnel Committee 14.10.19Finance and Personnel Committee 11.12.19Finance and Personnel Committee 5.02.20Finance and Personnel Committee 12.03.20Safeguarding Committee 16.10.19Safeguarding Committee 12.02.20
Emily PicklesN/AN/AXN/AXX
Evelyn AbramXXXXXX
Sally GreenApol XXXN/AN/A
Angela ReadingXApol XXN/AN/A
Alejandro Ferrando-GamirApol XApol Apol N/AN/A
Hannah BonehamXXApol Apol N/AN/A
Jane McPhillips    XX

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You can contact Sharrow Governors through the School Office.

For more general information on what is involved in being a school governor please visit: