n Key Stage 2 the children learn Spanish as a Foreign Language. We follow the King Edward V11 Language College Scheme of work. The scheme uses materials developed by King Edward V11 Language College together with resources from the Early Start Spanish course ‘¡Tú y yo!

The scheme is intended to be delivered by non-specialist primary teachers. Therefore the language content of each lesson has been kept to an absolute minimum, giving the primary class teachers the opportunity to work to their strengths and focus on the last three of the five strands. However, the Oracy and Literacy strands occur in each lesson, as language is taught, and or practised and consolidated.

The scheme of work follows the following five strands of the Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages:

1. Oracy
2. Literacy
3. Intercultural Understanding
4. Knowledge about Language
5. Language Learning Strategies

Each year the Y3 children perform the Nativity Story in Spanish at our Christmas celebrations.