School Vision

School Vision

Our vision is to establish a school community that values achievement, diversity and creativity in a safe, healthy and stimulating environment, recognising and providing for the individual needs of children and their families.
Children learn to treat everyone with respect. There are many children at our school with different needs. If someone needs help with their work or with getting about, there are adults to support them. All children are included in all the activities wherever possible. We aim to create an atmosphere of care and enthusiasm, within which each child can feel valued and respected and be capable of becoming increasingly thoughtful and responsible. We support every child in being successful in their academic achievements and doing the best that they can, so they are ready for the next stage of their school life.

Sharrow school opposes racism and discrimination and works to combat such attitudes. Any form of racist behaviour is not acceptable and will be dealt with promptly and appropriately. We have clear guidelines for dealing with all forms of harassment which are available on our website.

To support our vision we have a home/school agreement that we ask parents/carers to sign each year.

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