Nursery - Autumn Walk

Nursery - Autumn Walk

Nursery children and their parents have been on an Autumn Walk.


Dads Workshop

Sharrow Dads' Scrapheap Challenge

The Sharrow Dads' scrapheap challenge was a great success with 34 dads attending! We would like to say a big thank you to all the dads who attended the nursery workshop on Wednesday 10th June 2015

You all worked so well with your children and the other dads. We finished with four fantastic cars and you all clearly had lots of fun. We hope to see you in the future for more successfulk events like this to support your children.

master.jpgDSCN1279.jpgDSCN1237.jpgDSCN1319.jpgDSCN1300.jpgDSCN1234.jpgipad 1 dads 079.jpg

YN - Science Day

Nursery Science Day

Nursery invited parents in to have a science day with the children.

ipad 1 032.jpgrockets 121.jpgrockets 081.jpgipad 1 009.jpgrockets 064.jpgROCKETS PM WORKSHOP 025.jpgstars 062.jpgrainbows 291.jpgrainbows 278.jpgRAINBOWS AFTERNOON SCIENCE DAY 089.jpgrockets 071.jpgstars 055.jpg

YN - Millhouses Trip

Nursery Millhouses Trip

Nursery went to Millhouses park with parents.

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The Nursery


In the nursery we do a variety of activities, here are a few:
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