Physical Education is a significant part in the lives of all our children here at Sharrow school, regardless of disability, race and gender. We share a core ethos that all our children will have the opportunity to achieve to the best of their ability.

We want our children to be active and enjoy a range of activities in a safe and healthy environment. Our aim is to educate our children on how their bodies and minds work encouraging them to be responsible for their health and well-being.

We are fortunate at Sharrow to have 2 full time PE Specialists who deliver PE sessions daily to children from Y2 to Y6, teaching them fundamental skills as well as football, basketball, rounders, cricket and hockey. Our PE Specialists also organise after school clubs’ sports which allows the children to practise the skills they have learnt.  

Our Y4 children have the opportunity to go swimming every Thursday at the local swimming pool in Heeley where they swim and have water safety lessons. This is in line with the National Curriculum’s physical education programme of study.

Our children in the Foundation stage and Year 1 have a fantastic play area with equipment to challenge their health, fitness and provide them with fun whilst still allowing them to manage their own risks.  

Working in collaboration with outside agencies such as Sheffield United Football Club and Hallam University gives our children motivation and the opportunity to engage and gain an interest in sport and participate in extra-curricular sports. We have formed positive links with other local schools participating in a range of sports and healthy competitions.

We want to lay the foundations to equip the children with lifelong skills which they can continue to use and build upon throughout their adult lives.

Above all we want to teach our children to be:

Resilient – to keep going, never give up and stay focused

Respectful – having respect for each other and staff

Reflective – looking at what they have achieved and how they can continue to be successful

Resourceful – finding new ways of working together and learning new skills

We also take part in many Sports festivals and competitions throughout the year. Have a look at our ‘Competitions and Festival’ page to find out what we have been doing.

Every year we have a whole school Sports Day. This takes place in school and in Mount Pleasant Park just outside school. This is an event that is enjoyed by all the children and their families.