School Approach: The school does not follow any Whole School scheme. We use a variety of schemes and programmes which we feel are the most appropriate for individual children.

Speaking and Listening: We recognise the importance of developing children’s oral reasoning skills in order to underpin their mathematical understanding. School staff are clear on the need to develop all children’s spoken and receptive mathematical vocabulary, strategies for doing this are integral to everyday practise. Some children may need extra support and they follow individual programmes accordingly.

Number and Calculation: Sharrow School’s Maths Calculation Policy is followed in each year group, to ensure consistency of calculation methods and vocabulary used for teaching and learning. We encourage children to break down complex problems into smaller steps and relate written methods to their mental computation skills wherever possible. It is important that children understand what they have done and can explain the strategies and processes that they have used.

Shape, Space, Measure and Data Handling: These are important aspects of the Maths curriculum and children are encouraged to place value on their skills at working with Data and Shape. Children should be able to visualise shapes and read and interpret data from a range of sources.

To get onto Sharrow’s Top Table children will need to learn different maths facts by heart and will start at their appropriate level. Children will be regularly assessed by their teacher to see if they are ready to take part in a Table Topper Test. If they pass the test they will become a Sharrow Table Topper and receive a certificate and a coloured star badge to show where they are on the Top Table! As they learn the new facts, they will move up the table until they become a Gold Table Topper! Please help your children to learn these facts at home as due to the changes in the new curriculum the children will struggle to progress up the new Assessment Steps without knowing them.