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Project Summary

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Tanzeela Visits Bangladesh

I would like to share what I did in the summer holidays. I went to visit Bangladesh. The purpose was to visit my humungous family! I also went to my grandparents’ house in Rajbari. Rajbari is thirty minutes from Faridpur (where our partner school (A M Waliul Haque Adorsho School, Akin, Charpara) is.

While I was there, I was very desperate to go to and visit Zahidul and his school. It was hard to locate where it was so we had a plan! We would stop at a petrol station and meet Zahidul there. He hopped into our car and showed the driver the directions.

So then we finally got there, took some pictures and looked around. It is very different to our school. The roof was made out of tin sheets, the playground is a large field of grass. They use chalk boards and the students wore uniforms.

It was great to see our partner school. We didn’t manage to go back and meet the pupils – perhaps next time!

My dad took the photos.


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Flooding in Bangladesh

It started raining a lot whilst we were visiting Faridpur (the field was very wet) and since we got home there has been really bad flooding.  Zahidul has sent Gill an e-mail and some pictures.

An extract from Zahidul’s e-mail:

"......I am in my village, which is flood affected. I need to manage some essential goods for my school, which was flood affected, the sub way to reach school is under flood water. We have had to shut down the school for some days. I need to make an alternative way to reach the school......."

Flooding Sept17 (6).jpgFlooding Sept17 (1).jpgFlooding Sept17 (4).jpgFlooding Sept17 (8).jpgFlooding Sept17 (5).jpg

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West Engineers Visit Sharrow School

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Sharrow School
Sitwell Road
S7 1BE

Tel: 0114 255 1704