Treak Cliff Cavern

We visited Treak Cliff Cavern in Derbyshire as part of our Prehistory topic. We took a tour through the cavern and learnt about rock formations and the history of the cavern, which included hearing about when Victoria children were forced to work in the cavern to mine the semi-precious stone, Blue John. At one point, our guide turned off the cavern lights and we couldn’t see anything at all, not even our hand when we held it right in front of our face. We had a great day, which ended with a walk from the cavern to the historic town of Castleton. On the walk, our teachers told us stories about medieval battles fought in the Hope Valley and we learnt why one of the other caverns in Castleton has a rather amusing name!


Crucial Crew

Crucial Crew is a personal safety educational programme for Year 6 children.

During our visit, we experienced simulations of real-life scenarios set in the home and the community. We visited a real courtroom and took part in a mock trial. We learnt about fire safety in the home – including escaping from a (simulated) house fire. We also learnt about safety on buses, the roads, in parks and online. We had a great day and all came away with loads of new skills, which will help to keep us safe as we move closer to our teenage years!

Crucial Cew 7new.JPGCrucial 5.JPGCrucial Crew 4.JPGCrucial Crew 2.JPGCrucial 8new.JPGCrucial 6new.JPGCrucial Crew 3new.JPG

Creswell Crags

We visited Creswell Crags, a limestone gorge full of caves which were home to Neanderthals and early humans in the Ice Age. A guide took us into the caves and taught us about the tools, weapons and clothing commonly used in the Ice Age. We also saw cave spiders and a spider’s nest crammed full of dozens of spider eggs suspended from the cave’s ceiling. We learnt how to map a location using contour lines and a key. We also took part in a lesson about the theory of evolution. As part of the lesson we got to handle a human skeleton and examine a range of skulls that showed how humans have adapted over time to their environment. We had a brilliant day - it was great to get hands-on experience of many of the things we have been learning about in school.


Y6 - Ecclesall Woods

Year 6 - Ecclesall Woods

Year 6 went on a walk through Ecclesall Woods.


Y6 - Eden Camp

Year 6 - Eden Camp

Our year 6 class went to Eden Camp.


Y6 - Residential 2015

Year 6 Residential 2015

Year 6 went to wales for their residential trip.


Y6 - Crucial Crew

Year 6 went to crucial crew.

Crucial Crew is a personal safety educational programme delivered to Key Stage 2 pupils in Year 6 of primary school at the Lifewise Centre in Rotherham.

Here are some photos from their visit.


Y6 - Sea Art

Y6 - Art - Under the sea.

Here are some fantastic pieces of art drawn and painted by our year 6 class.

website 16-10-2014 017.jpgwebsite 16-10-2014 012.jpgwebsite 16-10-2014 011.jpgwebsite 16-10-2014 013.jpgwebsite 16-10-2014 015.jpgwebsite 16-10-2014 016.jpgwebsite 16-10-2014 014.jpg

Y6 - Archaeology and Discovery

Y6 - Archaeology and Discovery

Year Six have done some display work on archaeology and discovery.

y6 display 002.jpgy6 display 001.jpgy6 display 004.jpgy6 display 008.jpgy6 display 003.jpgy6 display 006.jpgy6 display 007.jpgy6 display 005.jpgy6 display 009.jpg

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