Y5 - The Edge By Joe



Y5 - London 2015

Year 5  - London Residential 2015

Year 5 have been to London for two nights.

Y5 - London 001.jpgY5 - London 010.jpgDSCN0075.jpgY5 - London 024.jpgDSCN0066.jpgDSCN0018.jpgY5 - London 021.jpgY5 - London 040.jpgY5 - London 008.jpgY5 - London 060.jpgDSCN0067.jpgDSCN0029.jpgDSCN0058.jpgDSCN0027.jpgY5 - London 004.jpg

Y5 - Alien Newspaper

Year 5 write about the recent disturbance on the roof

Our year fives have written newspaper articles about our recent alien invasion.

Vicky X-page-001.jpgRohit X-page-001.jpgSafah X-page-001.jpgOmer X-page-001.jpg

Y5 - The Deep

Year 5 have recently been to The Deep in Hull. They took these great photos.



Here is an excellent piece of written work by students in year 5 named ‘Maleficent’.

page1.jpgpage2.jpgwebsite 16-10-2014 018.jpgwebsite 16-10-2014 019.jpgwebsite 16-10-2014 020.jpg

Y5 - Writing Suspense

Writing Suspense

Here are some lovely written pieces of work by our year 5 students. They were asked to write a piece of work which included the features of suspense.

website work 011.jpgwebsite work 008.jpgwebsite work 007.jpgwebsite work 010.jpgwebsite work 009.jpgwebsite work 012.jpg

Y5 Art


Here are some excelent drawings made by students in our Y5 class.


Y5 Display Work

Descriptive Writing



Victorian Times

Below are just a few examples of students' work that we did on Victorian times.


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