Dodgeball Tournament

Dodgeball Tournament

The Year 4s and 5s went to King Edwards to take part in a Dodgeball tournament. They did really well and thoroughly enjoyed themselves! 



Y5 Greek Week

Y5 – Mythical Creature Making

During ‘Greek Week’, Year 5 learned about ancient Greek mythical beasts. They played top trumps in order to remember the different magical features of each beast, they then decided on how to sort the creatures into different categories (some chose physical features, others chose scariness or magical powers!) After that Year 5 used their expert knowledge to design and make their own mythical beast, using plastic bottles, cartons and paper mache.


London Trip


The Big London Adventure!

Year 4 and 5 visited the Capital city for a two night residential trip at the end of April.  Highlights included: a night walk through central London, from Piccadilly Circus, along the River Thames to the Tower of London; a trip to the Natural History Museum and a river cruise, where they saw many famous London landmarks. Fun and exciting times were had by all, making it worth the long coach journey!

London Y45 070.jpgLondon Y45 023.jpgLondon Y45 027.jpgLondon Y45 026.jpgLondon Y45 032.jpgLondon Y45 017.jpgLondon Y45 082.jpgLondon Y45 053.jpgLondon Y45 095.jpgLondon Y45 060.jpgLondon Y45 073.jpgLondon Y45 034.jpgLondon Y45 058.jpgLondon Y45 019.jpgLondon Y45 088.jpg

Y5 Greek Food Tasting


Y5 – Greek Food MasterChef

The Year 5s had a Greek Food Tasting afternoon as an introduction to our Ancient Greece topic. The children tried: houmous, pita bread, black olives, tzatziki and halloumi. They had to score each food according to the food’s presentation, taste and texture.  Many of the children were surprised to find that they liked lots of the new flavours, although we all agreed that olives may be an acquired taste!


Y5 Global Warming

Y5 – Global Warming News Report

The Year 5s have been learning about the impact of Global Warming on different parts of the world. They worked in groups to put together a news report to present to parents.


Y5 - The Edge By Joe



Y5 - London 2015

Year 5  - London Residential 2015

Year 5 have been to London for two nights.

Y5 - London 001.jpgY5 - London 010.jpgDSCN0075.jpgY5 - London 024.jpgDSCN0066.jpgDSCN0018.jpgY5 - London 021.jpgY5 - London 040.jpgY5 - London 008.jpgY5 - London 060.jpgDSCN0067.jpgDSCN0029.jpgDSCN0058.jpgDSCN0027.jpgY5 - London 004.jpg

Y5 - Alien Newspaper

Year 5 write about the recent disturbance on the roof

Our year fives have written newspaper articles about our recent alien invasion.

Vicky X-page-001.jpgRohit X-page-001.jpgSafah X-page-001.jpgOmer X-page-001.jpg

Y5 - The Deep

Year 5 have recently been to The Deep in Hull. They took these great photos.

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