Spiderman Letters

During our ‘Heroes and Superheroes’ topic, the Y4 children wrote a persuasive letter to the mayor of New York. They argued that Spiderman was not a good role model and therefore should not be celebrated as a national hero. The children used rhetorical questions and exaggeration effectively to create convincing letters.



Residential - YHA Hathersage

In April, some of the Year 4 children headed out to Hathersage in the Peak District National Park for our annual residential. The two days were spent exploring the natural environment, walking along the Derwent River, finding Little John’s grave from the famous Robin Hood stories, and playing games. In the evening, we had a disco, played games in the grounds of the YHA, and enjoyed a lovely three course meal cooked and prepared by the in-house chef. Everyone had a fantastic time, and felt suitably exhausted by the end of the trip!


National Space Centre

In January, the entire Year 4 base went on a trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester as part of our work on Space. Upon arrival, we explored the museum area which had a wide range of interactive exhibits, mini-experiments, models of planets and space-crafts, and saw the amazing Soyuz capsule. We also watched a short film in the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium called ‘Astronaut’, which went into detail about what happens to the human body in space. We finished our trip by going on the simulator ride, which took us on a 3D adventure to Europa – one of Jupiter’s moons – to try and discover extraterrestrial life!


Victorian classroom - October 2016

Year 4 travelled back in time to the year 1882 and experienced a day in the life of a Victorian school child. Each child had a role, including the monitor, the fidget, the gossip, and one child was even given the dreaded cane! Although we all enjoyed the day, everyone was glad to travel back to the year 2016. 


Reading morning - October 2016

We held a special Reading Morning for children to present and share their favorite books from home. Everyone enjoyed sharing and seeing all the different types of books that were on display. The reading morning helped introduce children to new books and authors. 


Y4 Victorian Classroom

Y4 – Victorian Classroom

Year 4 travelled back in time to the late 19th century to experience life as a child in the Victorian era. They spent the morning focussing on the three Rs: reading, writing, arithmetic. Some children even experienced some of the dreaded punishments that were used in Victorian schools like the dunce’s hat, the finger stocks and even the dreaded cane!


Y4 Space Centre

Y4 – National Space Centre

The Year 4s took a trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester in order to explore the Space topic further. As well as exploring the gallery, we watched a film in the Sir Patrick Moore planetarium called ‘Astronaut’, and climbed up the 144 stairs to catch a glimpse of a rocket made by NASA in the USA.



Y4 Forest School


Y4 – Forest School

In small groups, the Year 4 children were given the challenge to make a variety of 3D shapes using only a few materials found in the forest school area, some masking tape, and secateurs. This was our second outing to the forest school, and we are really excited by the prospect of going out once a week to explore and experience this space.


Y4 - Residential 2015

Year 4 Residential 2015

Here are some photos from our recent resitential trip.


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