Y3 - The Countryside Rat

The Countryside Rat

By Jacob - Y3

Steven lived in a small hedgerow which rather suited him because that rat isn’t the type that you find in the sewers. So his house had nice floor boards which were very hard to come across in the 1600’s.

Steven wore a pair of ragged dungarees which looked more lake smelly old rags than dungarees. But he didn’t mind. He chewed a piece of straw with his few teeth. His coat of fur was ginger like the sunset in summer.

Steven didn’t like the big city because it was too noisy, too light and worst of all too smelly! His favourite thing to do was stroll up the small hill and gaze up in to the night sky and look at the constellations. He would always hunt for nuts and berries but he would always keep best till last.

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