Residential at Castleton

Year 3 went on Residential to Castleton. We stayed 4th to 5th of July. We walked into Castleton and up Cavedale. We walked up to Peak cavern and then walked back through the fields to the Youth Hostel. Next day we walked part of the way to Hope along the river bank. We had a great time.

Explorers Day

On Wednesday 9th November 2016 all the Y3 children took part in an Arctic Explorers Day.

The children took part in various fun activities including:

*Den building using tarpaulin.

*Diary writing in a tent during a blizzard.

*Making sledges

*Making Emperor Penguins

*Sketching Explorer Equipment.

*Going an Expedition – tasting sardines with crackers.


Butterfly House

On Wednesday 12th October all the Y3’s went on a trip to the Butterfly House in Anston to consolidate and enhance our learning about the Rainforest and its inhabitants.

We saw crocodiles, snakes, birds, porcupines and lots of different rainforest animals.


Y3 Volcanoes

Y3 - Volcanoes

Year 3 have been learning about rocks in science. We constructed our own volcanoes and then tested a range of mixtures to see which one was the most successful.



Y3 Eyam Visit

Y3 Visit to Eyam 

Year 3 went on a day trip to Eyam. We visited the museum, the church and went for a walk to the boundary stone. 


EIS Athletics

Y3 EIS Athletics Festival 2016

Year 3 took part in an athletics festival at EIS. 



Y3 Ecclesall Woods

Y3 Visit to Ecclesall Woods 2016

Year 3 went on a walk through Ecclesall Woods. We explored a range of animals and their habitats. 



Y3 - Butterfly Farm

Year 3 at the Butterfly Farm

Our year 3 class went to the Butterfly Farm.


Y3 - Residential 2015

Y3 Residential 2015

Here are some photos of the Y3 residential trip.

Y3 residential 2015 040.jpgY3 residential 2015 001.jpgY3 residential 2015 042.jpgY3 residential 2015 055.jpgY3 residential 2015 047.jpgY3 residential 2015 027.jpgY3 residential 2015 014.jpgY3 residential 2015 052.jpg

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