Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Our topic in the Spring Term was Africa. We had learnt all about lions in class and what they like to eat. We then visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and were amazed at how big some of the animals were in real life. We really enjoyed listening to the lions roar, watching the polar bears dive in the water and watching the lazy tiger relax in the nursery pen. We also enjoyed eating our lunch in the woods with our friends and surrounded by the wonderful animals.


Forest School

We went into the Forest School and created some mud animal faces with the natural materials found there. We had mud on our faces and hands and we loved it.


Conisbrough Castle

In Spring 1, our topic was Castles. We visited Conisbrough castle and saw for ourselves how big, cold and old castles are. We walked around the moat and up the keep. We had a workshop where we learned all about Conisbrough Castle and the lords and ladies who lived there. Some children dressed up as the different people who lived in Conisbrough Castle.

Great Fire of London - November 2016

In Year 2, we have been learning about the Great Fire of London in 1666. We learnt how the fire started and how the fire was stopped using a fire break. To help the children understand this we demonstrated using model cardboard houses that the children had made. A teacher set fire to the houses and we watched the fire spread and when it came to the fire break it stopped. We talked about how it made us feel, when our houses burnt down. We felt angry, upset and emotional.


National Emergency Services Museum - December 2016

In Year 2, we learnt about the great fire of London in 1666. We visited the National Emergency Services Museum in Sheffield to look at how the fire service has improved since then so it would never happen again. We also had a talk on First Aid and learnt what to do if the children couldn’t wake an adult and if somebody was choking. The children learnt the number to call and what to say in an emergency like this.


Wendy Scott visit - October 2016


In the first half term, our topic in Year 2 was about Julia Donaldson the famous children’s author. We look at a range of her books and her biography to learn all about her life. We then invited a local children’s author, Wendy Scott, to come in and talk to the children and read her new book ‘Billy’s New Camera’. The children created their own questions to ask Wendy about how she became an author and her hobbies. 

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Year 2 - Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Year 2 - Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park as part of our topic on lions.  Seeing all of the different animals such as the wallabies, giraffes and tigers was very exciting! A highlight of the trip was when we heard the lions roar.


Year 2 Maths

Year 2 - Maths




Year 2 - Literacy

Year 2 - Literacy


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