Outstanding Behaviour

Hello my name is David Spencer and I live in Llanbedrog Wales.

I'm contacting you because today my wife Helen and I had the pleasure and meeting your year 6 group of pupils and accompanying staff.
To explain we rent a beach hut on the beach and when we went to it today we saw sat outside on the beach a large group of children. It's fair to say our hearts sank as we expected our day to be disrupted if not spoilt and we even considered turning around and going back home. To explain in the past groups of school kids have been a nightmare. Rude, loud, litterbugs.

How wrong we were.

The children numbering about 30 were a revelation. They were without exception polite, respectful and a pleasure to be around. To watch how they staff and pupils interacted was also a delight. Both showing each other respect and consideration. The children played together easily and without tension. They were thoughtful and good natured.

A number of other persons also on the beach, who had similar concerns also made mention of the good behaviour and politeness. They were going to pass on their favourable impression to the National Trust whom own the site.

Might I mention that I am a retired police officer who for ten years worked for the Sharrow policing team. I regularly policed  Sharrow and am familiar with your school. I'm aware of the local communities the kids come from.

Please pass onto to whomever that your pupils and staff are a credit to you and themselves.

That there behaviour has greatly enhanced the schools reputation and that they will be welcome back anytime.
Well done to you because you are turning out great kids. Articulate , polite and considerate. What more can we ask.

David Spencer.

Sharrow School
Sitwell Road
S7 1BE

Tel: 0114 255 1704