We teach religious education and not religious instruction so children are taught to think about religion but are not told what to think.

Spiritual and social education also happens throughout the day. Teachers make use of situations that arise to help children learn about themselves and their world.

We are fortunate that our school is a multi-ethnic community. The children have many opportunities to learn about each other’s faiths and cultures. We share traditions and festivals such as Christmas, Eid, Diwali, Chinese New Year, considering particularly the family and community aspects of the occasions.

Religious Education is taught in school as laid down by the Education Reform Act. We follow the Sheffield Local Education Authority ‘Agreed Syllabus of Religious Education’ – a handbook compiled by the Standard Advisory Council of Religious Education in Sheffield (SACRE). This document stresses developing children’s understanding of the diversity of religious beliefs and the values common to all world religions.

Here are our ‘I Can’ statements which we use to plan and monitor the teaching of R.E.

I can…

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